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027; Christmas Request Post

I fail at updating this comm. orz;; This is life? | |д・)

Anyways, Christmas in about a week and a half!

Hence, a request post! \(・∀・)/←

♔ People who can make requests are members/watchers of community and people on my f-list/have me friended (just so I can have all requests in one place).
♔ Icons, banners (profile, FO, semi-FO etc), and lovebars only.
♔ Up to 5 images per person.
♔ Meaning as long as I receive an image from you, fandom doesn't matter.
♔ Medium to high quality only.
♔ No manga colouring or black and white tone manga pages. (I have yet to learn)
♔ If there's more than one person/character in image, you may want to specify who you want to be iconed for convenience.
♔ Icon styles will be as inspired. If you like simple icons with no text or vice versa, you might want to tell me ahead of time so I don't end up iconing in a style that you don't like.
♔ Lovebars can be of one person or one group.

If that was too many words for you (´・Д・`), I need from you:
- whether or not you want icons, banners, lovebars or two types or all
- up to 5 images of what you want in your graphics
- any specification you have, including style of graphics if you have strong preferences

Requests will be closed when I feel like it. ( ̄∇ ̄)
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