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029; 15 Light Textures

Just a small batch.

# of Textures: 15/15
[15] Light Textures (100x100)

15 100 x 100 Light Textures
Download @ MF

It's been a while, but um, yay for new textures? (´・ω・`)

As miscellaneous information, some of the textures came from photos I took at the Shanghai Expo, lol. I do have more materials to make textures from, but those will have to come later...

Again, if you're interested, please join/watch mugen_no_sora! \(・∀・)/←
Affilates are also very much welcomed! Just comment here!

site stats
+ Feel free to take textures. Comments are appreiciated~
+ Please do not edit/modify textures.
+ Please credit mugen_no_sora if using.
+ Do not claim them as yours.
+ Do not redistribute.

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